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Rocky Mountain Providers (RMP) is comprised of a team of highly talented and dedicated professionals who specialize in the education of the ways to properly preplan, document and fund one's final wishes. Our commitment is to help families navigate and lessen the burden that we all will face, before it becomes a reality. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, we work directly with independent agents & funeral homes across Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Nevada. 

Many Familes Have Been Provided

Piece of Mind - No one wants to think about funeral planning, but if you don't spend a few minutes on it now, your family could be stuck with not only the task of planning it, but paying for it as well. Being Proactive vs. Reactive in "End of Life" decisions can save time, lessen stress and help eliminate emotional over-spending. Let's have the conversation no one wants to have. We offer our services at No cost or further obligation to you.

Our Products & Network

Everyone has different needs.  We can offer insurance products that are designed to protect funds with irrevocable assignments for Medicaid  Spend-down purposes,  Simple Funeral & Estate Trust, Travel Protection, fit budgets and honor final wishes. Don't Overpay for Final Expense Insurance.  As an  added benefit, RMP has built relationships with many trusted professionals outside our umbrella of agents. We can connect you with the following : Attorney's, Estate Planners/Organizers, Tax Consultants, Conservators , Real Estate & Financial Planners. and the list keeps growing.  Chances are great that  if  RMP can't help you, we know someone who can

Our Home Team

Scott Behan, CPC Managing Partner/Licensed Agent

Scott is an US Air Force veteran with a passion for serving  others. He has been working in all areas of the funeral industry for over 10 years. He is a Certified Pre-planning Consultant with the National Funeral Directors Association. Scott is the Managing Partner of Rocky Mountain Providers and Author of  "Funeral Funding Made  Simple."  Originally from Baltimore, he enjoys cycling, skiing, and travel.                                                                                              Direct Line: 719-287-7400

Andrew Behan, Assistant Manager/Licensed Agent

Andrew has been serving families  with funeral planning & funding for a few years now. Having spent several years as a loss prevention supervisor for a major retail chain, he has gained a great prospective on people.  He is an old soul with a strong desire to help others, which led him to step up to the plate with RMP.  Andrew has a Bachelors of Science degree in Exercise Science & Health Promotions. He is still active in Baseball, both as a player & coach.                                                                                        Direct Line: 719-200-6188

Laura Allison, Outreach Coordinator/Licensed Agent

Laura has been an agent for several years with a primary focus on educating & helping her clients with the Medicare process. Working in the funeral preplanning and funding area, she helps eliminate some of the many  burdens families can face unexpectedly. Her patience, understanding and desire to help others, makes her a perfect addition to the RMP team. She is a Native of Colorado and very active in the great outdoors.                                                                                          Direct Line: 719-351-4886

Irrevocable Funeral Trust

Take just a few minutes to learn more about the simplest funeral funding options available.

Irrevocable Estate Trust

Learn how to leave a legacy in under 10 minutes

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Having this type of conversation can make a huge difference - don't pass it by, pass it on!

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